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Guiding your body back to optimal function.

At Revive Physiotherapy, we are Doctors of Physical Therapy who provide individualized injury rehabilitation and care in a comfortable, relaxed environment in an inviting gym setting in St. Augustine, Florida.  If you've had a recent injury or are battling aches and pains, we can help. 



Our Rates



Payment will be accepted at the time of service and can be made with cash, check, or credit card.

Physical Therapy Services


Base Rates

  • Initial Evaluation: $100.00
  • Treatment Session: $75.00

Should you need 6 or more total therapy sessions, the price per treatment session may be reduced to $79.00 session if sessions are purchased in advance.

Most sessions will occur 1 per week, and in some cases 2 per week.  It is difficult for most people to attend therapy 3 times per week, and are rarely recommend unless the patient has a specific condition requiring intensive therapy, or they are being seen for strengthening/wellness services.


Non-Physical Therapy Services

Functional Range Conditioning and Manual Mobility Sessions

These sessions will include soft tissue deep massage and manipulation, joint mobilization, and the latest research based techniques that combine strength and flexibility to increase available useable ranges of motion.

  • $69.00 per hour and $50 per half hour.
We'll leave the workout to you; let us take care of your muscles and joints in the meantime!


Wellness services will be discussed and priced on a case-by-case basis depending upon what the needs and or services may be.


Can I Use My Health Insurance at Revive?



Revive Physiotherapy is currently not a participating provider with any insurance plans.  The high level quality of individualized care that is provided at Revive would not be attainable when functioning as a stand alone physical therapy clinic at the rates insurance companies are willing to pay for physical therapy treatment.

Most therapy clinics that accept these insurance rates are required to see 2-4 patients per hour, and usually spend an average of 15-20 minutes of one-on-one treatment with each patient.  Patients often receive treatment from therapy aides that are not skilled clinicians. 

At Revive Physiotherapy you spend an hour with your clinician so you will see improvements more rapidly and will require fewer visits than you would in the basic insurance model of practice.

Keep in mind though you can still submit your claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.  You will be provided with an invoice to submit to your insurance company.   The amount you will be reimbursed is dependent upon your insurance company and your out-of-network physical therapy benefits.


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