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At Revive Physiotherapy, we are Doctors of Physical Therapy who provide individualized injury rehabilitation and care in a comfortable, relaxed environment in an inviting gym setting in St. Augustine, Florida.  If you've had a recent injury or are battling aches and pains, we can help. 

When should I see a physical therapist?

Q. When should I schedule an appointment with a physical therapist? 

A. When you want to move better and get back to doing the things you enjoy!

Whether it's running a race, setting a personal record in an overhead press, or even being able to run and play pain-free with your children or perform work around the house, we can help! We spend one-on-one time with you to develop a comprehensive plan to help YOU meet YOUR goals (that's what it's all about, right?!). There are too many injuries we treat to name them individually, but you can be sure if you're having any muscle, bone, joint, ligament, tendon, etc. problem, you should see a physical therapist!

Q: There are many places I can go when I'm injured; why should I see a physical therapist first?

A: Feel better faster, and potentially save money in the process!

To be a physical therapist, a four year undergraduate degree followed by three years of graduate school training is required. Physical therapists are healthcare providers educated in anatomy, physiology, and bio-mechanics. We have studied how to screen for a more serious pathology that requires further medical evaluation, therefore, we can effectively be the first healthcare provider you see for an injury. For low back pain specifically, this research study demonstrated a savings of $2,736.23 by starting physical early vs. late following an onset of back pain, while this research study showed a savings of $4,793 if you see a physical therapist first before getting a MRI.

Q: Why should I see a physical therapist rather than having surgery?

A: Depending upon which surgery you're a candidate for, more and more research has demonstrated some surgeries are no more effective than physical therapy. Here are a few:

-Physical therapy just as effective as surgery for Osteoarthritis and knee meniscus tears in improving function and decreasing pain. 

-Non-operative treatment using physical therapy is effective in 75% of people with atraumatic rotator cuff (shoulder) tears.

-Quote from conclusion of this study examining imaging (MRI) in asymptomatic individuals..."Imaging findings of spine degeneration are present in high proportions of asymptomatic individuals, increasing with age. Many imaging-based degenerative features are likely part of normal aging and unassociated with pain." --> i.e. YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS YOUR MRI! 

-Physical therapy is just as effective as surgery for those with lumbar spinal stenosis

*For more information on these studies as well as a list of other conditions that may not warrant surgery, check out this page, as well as this page.

Q: Can I see a physical therapist directly without a referral?

A: Yes. In the state of Florida, and in most states in the U.S., you have direct access to a physical therapist without a referral. This being said, we are NOT trying to take the place of primary care physicians; we VALUE the TEAM approach in the care of our patients! It needs to be known that seeing your physical therapist first can be a less expensive (and potentially more effective) option for those who want to get moving again! 

Q: How do I choose a physical therapist?

A: We're glad you asked! Whether you want to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist directly or you are recovering from surgery and your physician recommends a physical therapist, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPIST!

How do you know which physical therapist will be right for you? Interview them! Call the clinic and ask a few question- how many patients does your therapist see at the same time? Will I ever work with a physical therapy aide or technician? How many visits will I need per week? Can you provide testimonials from previous patients? Do your physical therapists lift weights, run, or perform any other type of exercise? (<--most important question in my opinion!)

At Revive, we believe in one-on-one treatment of our clients. We do not utilize physical therapy aides or technicians. Typically, clients need one or two visits per week (if a clinic tells you you need three visits per week without even knowing what you're coming in for, run the other way!). We believe in providing such incredible customer service and value the fact our previous clients have no problem recommending us! And of course, the most important question above, the clinicians at Revive take pride in "walking the walk" by participating in the same activities our clients enjoy- running, yoga, strength training, biking, basketball, etc. We know how important it is for YOU to get back to what YOU love because we do it ourselves!


Hopefully we cleared up what exactly a physical therapist is and when you should see one! For more information, please check out this website dedicated to providing more information on physical therapy and its benefits.

Revive Physiotherapy is now accepting new clients at our two locations: St. Augustine inside of the fitness facility GOHQ and near World Golf Village inside The Exchange Fitness. Please give us a call or schedule an appointment online if you want to get back to the gym, yoga mat, running, or any other daily activities!

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